You've heard me talking a lot about 'Starting Fresh' and starting with a 'Clear Mind and Heart' as we head in to January and February.  I will be talking about this again this evening, on the Lite at Nite... because after the holidays and all that shopping and all those gifts, it’s easy to feel like you just have too much clutter in your life.  Too much stuff to pack away and not enough room for it all.  


January and February are great months to clean up, clear out and make some room! Start clean and fresh with some of these tips… Put out a box and give yourself (and your family) a month to fill it with stuff you come across that you no longer use or need.  Stash it all in the box and by month’s end, donate it!  Clean in places you rarely pay attention to, like for me, the cupboard beneath the sink.  It’s where I stash grocery bags, garbage bags and then some. It could use a clean sweep! Clean out your computer.  Old emails, old photos and old files.  Clean them up or organize them into folders so you can see your desktop easier.  Clean out your phone.  Delete old contacts you never call and old apps you never use.  Take inventory of your medicine cabinet and check expiration dates on bottles you have rarely used this year.  When was the last time you crawled to the deepest, darkest corner of your refrigerator to see what’s in the mystery food container?  It’s time my friend… Clean your car.  It’s like a magnet for random papers, crumbs and dust.  It’s time to clean it out and polish it up!  Get a calendar and get organized!  Whether it’s an online calendar or a wall calendar with kittens on it, make it a goal to put down your obligations and vacations so you keep on top of your schedule better in 2013.  Clear out your mind.


Tonight, join me on the radio and take some time to simply enjoy the songs and stories on my show.  Let me help soothe off the rough edges of your week and help you clear the clutter in your head after a long day!

With Love.... Delilah :)

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